Once you have your menstrual cup at home, take some time to read the instruction leaflet and relax before use. First time you can try to place the cup correctly when you haven't got your period.


Before the first use- make sure to sterilize your cup the first time by boiling it in bubbling water for 7-10 minutes. This procedure you also do once between every period you made use of your cup.


To insert the cup correctly into your vagina you need to fold the cup in one of the many ways possible. To make insertion easier you can use a water based lubricant. You can squat or lift one leg up on the toilet whilst standing for easier placement. It should be directed slight towards your spine with the opening upwards. Once inside you make sure the edges of the cup fold out properly by twisting it slightly, if it tend to fall out on one side you need to push it bit deeper- once it has folded out properly you drag the cup carefully down until you feel a slight resistance. The cup shall be placed lower in the vagina than the traditional tampon and should not touch the cervix for less discomfort. Once the cup is inside and placed correctly you would normally not feel it after a few minutes. Just make sure the rim closed tight and the vaccum been created feeling that slight resistance pulling in the stem. The stem can be shortened if it feel incomfortable and too long. Use a pair of scissors or a sharp knife and take care to not cut away more than you need or harm the rounded bottom of the cup and ruin its function. The stem can be used to reposition the cup.

The cup should be placed low in the vagina


Here are some examples of folding

Many start with pushing the cup like this:




This is the origami fold

This is the triangle fold

This is the seven fold

seven fold menstrual cup

This is the shell fold

This is the "C" or heart fold


The cup is removed by finding the cup's stem and guide your fingers to the rounded bottom. You can use your fingers to pinch the bottom carefully and bulge the side in of the cup until the vacuum seal release. When it has released you can use the stem and bottom of cup to carefully lower the cup out of your vagina in a vertical position to not spill the blood inside. You empty the blood in the toilet and wipe the cup out with tissue before insertion again- or you clean it below a tap with soap and water. Make sure to rinse the cup in clean water before insertion. Especially note that the stem is not meant to break the vacuum seal removing the cup but for this you use a finger on the side.

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