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Chiobucup is founded in May 2014 in Singapore by Pernilla Lindgren. Chiobu means “hot chick/pretty girl in Singlish which is a local mix of for example Malay and English in Singapore. It import menstrual cups and sell them through wholesale, retail sale and through their webshop. The company's values emphasize empowerment, liberty and confidence amongst women. Menstrual cups are an environmental friendly and economical solution for sanitary protection during women's periods. Chiobucup ship their products worldwide and operate from out of Singapore as of May 17th 2017 due relocation of the owner overseas.

Pernilla is born in Sweden and is living in Austin, Texas since 2017. She is living with her partner and her kitten. She studied jurisprudence and engineering for four years and has worked as teacher and forwarder within the shipping industry for a total of eight years. Her major accomplishments involve leadership for a community of real estate - 96 flats, with a turn around of approx 1100 000 SGD per year. Now she is set out for a new challenge - creating a business that makes a difference for women of today.

A quote from Pernilla, owner:

"Bring menstrual cups to women - no waste, no emptying within up to 12 hours, reusable, safe and cheap - wear your hottest lingerie and white pants any day of the month!
Will my new best friend be yours too?


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