"Hi, I've never come across the term till my sister texted me just a week ago that she's gotta recommend me a new product as it's really great for her. Without delay, I immediately read up how to choose a cup size. Still unsure but I still proceed with a small cup to begin with. Boiled my Meluna cup and prepare it for use soon. The insertion just need a few practice to make sure it pops open properly to ensure no leakage.
It's a lot more hygienic than tampon. I no longer have to worry if my tampon string getting wet when I pee as I've just changed my tampon half an hour ago. It's simply great because I don't have to change till I get home (max.12hrs usage). Awesome product! One of the greatest invention!
" - Jade Lee

"I am 25 years old, I have been using tampon before I knew the Chiobucup. At first I was a little bit anxious to imagine how it would fit inside me, yes...  I must admit that it was not a success at the very first time. But then I remembered how difficult tampons had seemed when I just started use it. You have to give it some time, I kept trying and experimented with different ways to fold the cup, after 2-3 times trying, I feel it actually very easy using and re-usable, it's like a game-changer. The material is flexible,  you can fold it in any way to put it inside, just find out the best for your own folding, it basically just like a tampon but so much more convenient. The very first time I was pulling it out sort of fast, it doesn't work. Now I found out that the best way to remove is that you pinch the cup and you pull it from side to side, be sure you do it slow then you will love it!" - Eva

"I originally ordered from Chiobucup because I wanted a more environmentally-friendly alternative to using disposable sanitary pads. And after about 5 months of using the cup I can say that I'm very happy with it! It takes a bit of getting used to and might cause a bit of soreness (though I fault my uterus more than the cup itself) but it is so worth the price and the effort. After a while you can't even feel the cup when it's inside, much like a tampon. It's so comfortable and I was ecstatic when I realised I'd never have to wear those soggy oversized pads ever again. Some might think it's disgusting to have to clean the blood from the cup — but if you're careful you don't actually have to touch the blood, just rinse it out with running water. It's about the same level of grossness as using a disposable pad or tampon, as you have to see and smell the blood anyway. Best of all there's no hassle of handling blood for disposal and no lingering smell in your toilet! Personally, I pair it with a reusable cotton pad when I'm sleeping. Maybe Chiobucup might want to look into expanding their product range to include these as well, as paired together they become the ultimate safeguard (I have a heavy flow and don't want to get up in the middle of the night to empty the cup, so sometimes it leaks a bit). Overall, I highly recommend Chiobucup as a retailer as well as menstrual cups as an environmentally-friendly, cheap, comfortable and convenient alternative to disposable pads. In addition, the seller was is a lovely person, very friendly and helpful when I had problems with delivery (of my own making, haha)." - Sincerely, Alison Comment: How a little number can make such a difference in an address! I am just happy it finally arrived and that you seem pleased with your purchase. I'll add the cloth pads to the webpage soon as they are in stock. Sincerely Pernilla

"I've been using the iCare menstrual cup for my past 2 periods and I really like it! I'm getting very comfortable using it and it does not hinder my daily life at all I like how I don't have to carry pads around anymore or worry about having insufficient pads with me. In the past, I often visit convenience stores like 7-eleven to get pads when I realize that I need an extra one with me as my current one is overflowing, and we all know how overpriced things are at convenience stores. (I paid $5.95 for a small pack) Also, I realize that I develop bad rashes near my crotch area when I use pads because of the friction + sweat. Using the menstrual cup has relieved me of these problems and I'm indeed thankful for it it is a great product that i will recommend to my friends!" - Sharon

"Product purchased: iCare Menstrual Cup, Size 1 in Pink, Rating: 4/5 Having heavy flow on the first 2 days of my period is now a breeze thanks to the cup! It's surprisingly really comfortable and doesn't leak even if you toss and turn on your heaviest days. Say bye bye to having to put a towel underneath me to catch unexpected leaks throughout the night and waking up to check if I have stained my sheets and clothes...AGAIN. It certainly doesn't feel like there is an object inserted in your vagina because the silicone is soft and conforms to your shape. I love how it doesn't absorb my own vaginal fluids or make me dry and itchy down there like tampons do. Taking them out is also smooth! However, I encountered an issue with the stem always poking me and it can be really uncomfortable and painful. I wound up cutting almost all of it before it felt bearable. Would definitely try a cup with a ball end the next time.Cheers!"  - Ashley Comment: It is common the stem is too long for many short women and it is recommended to cut it off once one know how to handle the cup. I do it too! / Sincerely Pernilla

To help you find some information you might need to consider using a menstrual cup I gather pages here I find useful about menstrual cups and comparisons between them. There are many brands to pick between looking a little deeper into the market. It may happen one cup doesn't work perfect for you but there are surely some other that might fit much better. Essentially they all have the same function and are used the same way. What differ between them might be- width, height, color, material, if any texture or markings on them, hardness and the type of stem they got.

Always follow the size guides before ordering of any brand and weigh in factors like if you know you got a low hanging cervix, very sensitive vagina walls or work out alot. My general recommendation is to try a medium firm cup first and change if it doesn't feel or work right.










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