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Chiobucup sells menstrual cups to women in Singapore and all over the world. A menstrual cup is a small cup shaped hygienic item inserted in the vagina to collect menstrual blood during women's periods. It can be made from different materials that are safe for human use and long time contact with sensitive areas of the body. We distribute cups in 100 % medical grade silicone or TPE- thermoplastic elastomer. These are also for example used frequently within the medical and health industry, food making industry and production of items for baby care. In Singapore menstrual cups are not classed as either a medical device or cosmetic product. They are perfectly safe to use and tested properly before sold and distributed to the public and related no health issues have been found. Menstrual cups differs from pads and tampons in one very specific way, they do not absorb the blood but collect it.

In 1932 one of the earliest modern versions of menstrual cups was patented. In the early times they were often made out of rubber and the first cup made out of silicone was the famous Mooncup from UK. Nowadays there are may different brands, shapes and colors available. Brands make short and long cups, wide and smaller, softer and harder. Harder cups are less risk of leaking- whilst softer often feel more comfortable. A short cup got less risk of touching the cervix, but often comes at the cost of less volume.

It's a small learning curve to start use a menstrual cup, but the benefits far outweight the troubles and many that started use them can't ever imagine to go back to pads or tampons. As many as 90% in the group using them said that they'd continue to use them and recommend them to their friends. We at Chiobucup recommend atleast two periods of use before giving up on this method or changing cup size. If one feel discomfort at use one can try to practice inserting the cup in a different way, selecting a smaller or softer cup, and/or trim the stem of the cup shorter.

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